Just pick 3 famous singers, musicians, who have sadly left us in recent or past years, who you would have loved to invite to your own home for a dinner party.

You can create the all-time TOP TEN of superstar swho will be remembered as a last supper and also add your favourite recipe, which every month will be judged by a Michelin star chef to win a table for 2 at a top restaurant. You can also comment on other subscribers' choices on our Blog Page. So go and click on 'subscribe' now below:

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Top ten celebs list ofApril,2019

1 .  George Michael
2 .  David Bowie
3 .  Aretha Franklin
4 .  Chris Cornell
5 .  Prince
6 .  Carrie Fisher
7 .  Hendrix
8 .  Jim Morrison
9 .  Krik Cobain
10 .  Amy Winehouse